150m3 Biogas Plant for 15kW Electricity

Jowhar has more biogas potential than any other district in Somalia. Farmers are well organized in cooperatives and therefore JikoBiogas has signed joint agreement with farmers for the construction of biogas plants for electricity generation and fertilizer production. The first plant for the joint venture will be in […]

Jiko Team

Jiko team is built on a foundation of enthusiastic people who share a commongoal of renewable energy and better health and wealth for their community

Mini Biogas Digesters for Restaurants

The biogas initiative for Mogadishu restaurants will save not only the restaurants’ disposal cost but also reduce the amount of waste thrown into the sea. JikoBiogas is now building biogas systems for restaurants to reduce their waste and benefit from the production of biogas which they can use for […]

Jiko Production

JikoBiogas has own production facility for cook stoves. There are different types of cook stoves; biogas jiko and biomass jiko. JikoBrick is the most popular improved cook stove that saves lives and energy.

Clean Cooking for Jowhar

Jowhar does not have forest for charcoal burning, it is surrounded by farms. Let us make our city Green by using biogas